.25 cal FX hybrid slugs 26 grain

Price: 15.99 USD
100 count packs , these .25 Hybrid Slugs are really tailored and perform best from the new .25 Caliber FX Superior Smooth Twist X Barrel Liner. Users are encouraged to upgrade their existing rifles to this liner to achieve the best accuracy.

FX pocket chronograph

Price: 199.00 USD
This little product is a game changer ! Fits in your pocket to go anywhere and Easily connects to your phone via an app with instant read outs on FPS & FPE

FX impact MKII .30 cal black demo model

Price: 1925.00 USD
Almost brand new , shot a couple of times hard case included

FX Dreamline Bullpup .25 cal w/ Donnyfl

Price: 1369.95 USD

FX Wildcat MKII synthetic

Price: 1299.95 USD

FX Wildcat MKII Walnut

Price: 1499.95 USD

FX Impact

Price: 1999.95 USD

FX Wildcat MKII Laminate

Price: 1699.95 USD